We are the Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems



Providing ocean data for decisions. 

We generate data about the ocean, consolidate that data, and share it with anyone who wants or needs it.

Our Network

NERACOOS is one of 11 Regional Authorities operating within the national Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). The mission of IOOS, and by extension our own, is to guide the development of an ocean observing system that is responsive to the needs of our users. 

We are certified by NOAA as a Regional Information Coordination Entity, which means the data we serve meet the high standards set for federal data gathering and management. To learn more about our certification and its documentation visit our Governance page. 

core values

As we work to fulfill our mission, we are guided by these core values that shape our activities and approach:

Read the 2022-2025 NERACOOS Strategic Plan to learn more about our values and goals.

neracoos staff


Jake Kritzer

Executive Director

Boss-man. El Bossarino. The Iron Fist ✊ Large and in charge. Managing, but not micro. 😎🏋️

Rob Cardeiro

Finance Director

QuickBooks Czar 🧾. Audit slayer. Balances budgets & busts out beautiful narratives. Keeps us in the black. 💵💰🤑

Jackie Motyka

Operations Manager

Smooth operator keeping the operators' operations moving. Asset acumen = A+. Known and loved. 🤓💁‍♀️🌊

Katy Bland

Engagement & Research Associate

Resident navigator of breezy seas.🌬⚡️ Saves us from tilting at windmills. 🤝

Tom Shyka

Product & Engagement Manager

OG active listener. Silver🏄‍♂️ of stakeholders. Your needs + our code = elegant fixes. 🗣😇

Emily Silva

NECAN Coordinator & Office Manager

Dark Horse. Keeper of keys. The vegan glue holding this ⛵️ together. Unbearably organized. 📔💯

NERACOOS is more than just staff!

Get to know NERACOOS collaborators and Board of Directors on the Partners page


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