Graphics, reports, maps, logos, and other interesting materials

If you’re looking for operational documents such as bylaws or financial audits, visit the Governance page


“Buoys from Head to Toe”

Ever wonder what all that stuff is hanging off of those big yellow buoys? Here’s a rundown:

(Actually it's a JPG)

“NERACOOS Helps Answer Important Questions”

Many different industries rely on NERACOOS assets; here’s how the data produced by our observing system can be used to answer critical questions. 

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Click to open the downloadable PDF or view it on Issuu.

Annual Reports


“Visualizing Ocean and Coastal Acidification Locally” (VOCAL)

VOCAL for policymakers

VOCAL for members of the aquaculture industry

VOCAL in New England

VOCAL in the Mid-Atlantic

VOCAL has its own project page where you can learn more about coastal acidification and what “changing pH” really means. 

Fact Sheets

Information on our activities and the positive impacts of our work in each coastal New England state

General Info


NERACOOS in New Hampshire

NERACOOS in Massachusetts

NERACOOS in Rhode Island

NERACOOS in Connecticut


NERACOOS System Operators
Operator/stakeholder partnerships

NERACOOS Branding Assets

For use in presentations or attributions with partners. Size permitting please use the full logos with both the NERACOOS acronym and name. Color logos are transparent .pngs. If you need a different size or file type please drop us a line. 

Open the toggle, then click on a logo to open the media file, left-click the logo and select “Save image” from the dropdown menu.

Primary NERACOOS logo (Horizontal & square)

White primary NERACOOS logo (Horizontal & square))

Simple NERACOOS (Horizontal & square)

White simple NERACOOS (Horizontal & square)

NERACOOS branding visual guidelines

Guidelines for acknowledging NERACOOS funding/data 

NERACOOS-branded Powerpoint template

Microsoft Office theme with NERACOOS colors/fonts

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