The Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS) spans coastal waters from the Canadian Maritime Provinces to the New York Bight. NERACOOS provides weather and ocean data to fishers and commercial shippers determining if conditions are safe for passage and to emergency managers issuing storm warnings. NERACOOS is also advancing efforts to improve water quality monitoring, harmful algal bloom predictions and warnings, and coastal flooding and erosion forecasting systems.

Latest News

King Tide Media Event

A changing climate greatly impacts Maine’s coastal communities. Vulnerable areas, such as Camp Ellis, are already experiencing challenges associated with sea level rise, and more frequent and intense storm events. In an effort to measure these changes and respond accordingly a new tide gauge has been installed by the USGS on the Saco River. Please join us for the King Tide (an especially high tide) to showcase this new water level station and its importance to local stakeholders, such as: meteorologists at the National Weather Service, first responders with Maine Emergency Management Agency, and coastal residents. Click here for event details.

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New Wave Buoy in Cape Cod Bay

A new high-tech wave-monitoring buoy, supported by state and federal agencies, was recently deployed in Cape Cod bay. The buoy will provide sea-state information in Cape Cod Bay to improve safety and efficiency of marine transportation as mariners approach or exit the Cape Cod Canal. Please see MassDEP Press Release for more information about this project. 

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U.S. IOOS Award Provides $2.2 Million for Ocean Observations and Forecasting in the Northeast

U.S. IOOS has awarded a new 5-year cooperative agreement to NERACOOS that will continue to fund the production, integrations and delivery of critical ocean information. Click here for more information about the award and our partners.


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2015 Annual Report

The NERACOOS 2015 Annual Impact Report is now available! Click link to read.

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This summer NERACOOS partnered with New Hampshire EPSCoR and were lucky enough to receive two interns for the entire summer!

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Integrated Nutrient Observatory Deployment Underway

Our nutrient observatory will soon expand to include Long Island Sound and Narragansett Bay.

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January 2016 Ocean Temperatures Warmest on Record

Our ocean climate tool (see graph below) shows that recent surface water temperatures have been well above the average temperatures for this time of year. This data is a local example of a global phenomenon recently reported by NOAA; January 2016 ocean surface water temperatures were the warmest on record.

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NECAN Update

In an effort to inform and learn from local stakeholders NECAN has successfully hosted six workshops throughout the Northeast (see image from Connecticut meeting). These workshops were attended by a broad range of stakeholders including individuals from industry, management, and research.

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Expanding Ocean Acidification Monitoring and Engagement

The efforts of NECAN (Northeast Coastal Ocean Acidification Network) to expand monitoring of ocean and coastal acidification (OCA) in the region are starting to pay off. Last month, NECAN members and steering committee representatives attended a press event at the Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) hosted by the EPA.

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