Hourly Buoy Data

Buoys and stations collecting real-time weather and ocean data including winds, waves, visibility, air temperature, water temperature at various depths in the Northeast.

Latest Conditions:
Highest Winds
29 knots (33 mph, 53 kph)
01:00 PM EST
NOAA 44011 - Georges Bank
Biggest Waves
6.9 ft (2.1 m)
12:00 PM EST
NOAA 44137 - East Scotia Slope

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Based on the east coast of North America, the Cooke Aquaculture family is building an integrated aquaculture company, enabling our employees to deliver value and quality to our customers in an environmentally sustainable manner.
MWRA is a Massachusetts public authority established by an act of the Legislature in 1984 to provide wholesale water and sewer services to 2.5 million people and more than 5,500 large industrial users in 61 metropolitan Boston communities.
UMass Dartmouth distinguishes itself as a vibrant, public research university dedicated to engaged learning and innovative research resulting in personal and lifelong student success.
The School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering is the University of New Hampshire’s first ‘interdisciplinary school’, designed to address today’s highly complex ocean and coastal challenges through integrated graduate education, research and engagement.
Within the Marine Sciences Program at UCONN's Avery Point campus faculty, staff and students carry out cutting-edge research in coastal oceanography using cross-disciplinary approaches.
At the School of Marine Sciences, students develop a scientific understanding of the marine environment that is Maine’s heritage, integrate and communicate that knowledge their studies, and apply it toward stewardship of sustainable marine resources.