Integrated Sentinel Monitoring Network (ISMN) for Change 
in Northeast U.S. Ocean and Coastal Ecosystems


About this project:

The Integrated Sentinel Monitoring Network for Change in Northeast U.S. Ocean and Coastal Ecosystems (ISMN) initiative is a joint project of NERACOOS and NROC (Northeast Regional Ocean Council), which was established based on a pressing regional need to establish an integrated network to observe and interpret changes in the ecosystem (Runge, et. al 2012). It is envisioned that this network would inform researchers, managers, and the public about ecosystem vulnerabilities and impacts, and support an ecosystem-approach to management framework that promotes human and ecosystem resiliency from climate change and related stressors. 


NERACOOS, NROC and their collaborative partners worked diligently to write a science and implementation plan for monitoring ecosystem change in the Northeast. The competed science and implementation plan identifies a suite of ecosystem variables and indicators, existing monitoring efforts and gaps for three specific ecosystem habitats, pelagic, benthic, estuarine and nearshore. The plan also outlines a governing body to implement and analyze ecosystem trends, as well as a data management plan for how to integrate these disparate monitoring efforts. 

Next Steps:

NERACOOS, NROC and the ISMN Director (Jeffrey Runge, University of Maine) are moving forward with the activities outlined in the ISMN Science and Implementation. Interested in participating or learning more? Contact Jackie Motyka.