Request for Proposals 2021 - 2026

Opportunity: NERACOOS is requesting mini-proposals that will be considered for inclusion into the organization's response to the NOAA IOOS Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).

Mini-proposals are requested for activities that are of strategic interest and relevance to NERACOOS and NERACOOS stakeholders. A summary of the organizational mission, vision and core values are available on the NERACOOS website ( A number of other supporting documents, are listed below and on our grants page (

Mini-Proposal Documents:

Reference Documents:

Frequently Asked Questions: this section will be updated to reflect questions posed to the NERACOOS office regarding the proposal and the proposal process.

  • Can I purchase equipment? Yes, funds may be used to purchase equipment. Any information collected from this equipment will need to be made available in the NERACOOS data management framework.
  • Can state employees request salary support? Yes, funds may be used in support of state personnel time.
  • Can anyone submit a proposal? Eligible funding applicants for this competition are institutions of higher education, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and state, local and tribal governments.
  • If I'm already funded by NERACOOS do I need to submit a proposal? Yes, an individual template is to be completed for each component of the system that is currently being supported by NERACOOS, examples may include: a single buoy (including its hardware, instrumentation and communication systems), a model product, or activities that span the NERACOOS region (i.e. a data management system). This ensures a competitive and transparent proposal process.
  • Is collaboration and leveraging allowed? Both collaboration and leveraging are encouraged. As seen in the review criteria (question 3), the ability to leverage is a key criterion. 

Additional question: contact Jackie Motyka ([email protected]) or Tom Shyka ([email protected])