Northeast Wave Forecast

WARNING: These coastal wave forecasts are experimental and should NOT be relied upon as a primary source of wave forecast information. Significant errors in predicting coastal wave heights and the timing of storm events are known to occur.

East Coast

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About this forecast map

Wave forecasts

Safe and efficient maritime activity is dependent on the delivery of accurate and timely wave forecasts. Winds generate surface waves; thus, wave forecasts are driven by wind forecasts. Wave forecasts are based on computer models; however, many of these models are tailored to Atlantic Ocean's deep waters, not the relatively shallow Gulf of Maine.

Wave models in the Northeast

Scientists at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography are providing NERACOOS with wave model results for the Atlantic, Western Atlantic and Gulf of Maine regions based on the WaveWatch III model. The details of the WaveWatch III model configuration can be found at:
Additionally, researchers at Texas A & M University at Galveston produce Gulf of Maine wave predictions. These predictions are available here: