Glider Mission Updates

May 16, 2012
Since launching, the Wave Glider has been performing well, as it moves up and down the Maine coast.  It has successfully talked to both Sonardyne fetch nodes, and is currently headed back south to the first fetch node to do further verification testing.

May 3, 2012
The Wave glider was successfully launched today near the University of Maine's NERACOOS buoy E (South of Monhegan Island) and all systems are working well. A second Fetch node was also deployed near buoy E and is sitting in approximately 315 feet of water. The Wave glider is headed East Northeast along the Maine coast. Learn more about the wave glider.

May 2, 2012
A Fetch node was deployed on the seafloor near the University of Maine's NERACOOS buoy I (south of Mount Desert Island). The fetch node is sitting in approximately 330 feet of water and will start collecting water temperature and pressure data. Learn more about the Fetch node in the background section.