Glider Mission Location


The map shows location and track of the Wave Glider, named Mercury, as it travels through the Gulf of Maine.

  • Click on the red dot to see the latest data from the Wave Glider. Information from the Wave Glider will be updated on a daily basis.
  • Click on a green dot to see data from earlier location.
  • The orange dots are waypoints along the Wave Glider’s course.
  • The yellow dots represent the locations of the Fetch nodes.

To see a map of the Wave Glider’s planned route click here.  click here.


The map to the left shows the planned route for the Wave Glider Mercury.

  • The blue rectangle is the first part of the mission where the Wave Glider will pass near the Fetch Nodes and the University of Maine’s NERACOOS buoy’s I and E.
  • The red saw tooth line shows the planned route of the Wave Glider throughout the Gulf of Maine.