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COOA CO2 - Appledore Island
Current time: 10:56 PM EDT
Last update: 7/05 8:00 PM EDT
Owned/Operated by:
Dr. Doug Vandemark COOA
Last update 7/05 8:00 PM EDT
Wind speed 13 knots (15 mph, 24 kph)
Wind direction SE (137°) True
Wind gust 15 knots (18 mph, 29 kph)
Air temperature 64 ° F (18.0 ° C)
Water temperature (1m)64 ° F (17.8 ° C)
Salinity (1m)31.24 psu
Turbidity (1m)0.2 ntu
Chlorophyll concentration (1m)0.60mg chl/m3
Dissolved oxygen (1m)0.60 ml/l
pCO2 in air 417.93 uATM
pCO2 in water (1m)390.85 uATM