Frequently Asked Questions

NOAA IOOS FY2016-2020


Q: If a previous proposal has been submitted to NERACOOS does it need to be re-written?

A: It would be in your best interest to revise since the review criteria and priorities have changed.

Q: Do all current NERACOOS funded projects need a template?

A: Yes, an individual template is required for each asset, more details can be viewed in the guidance document

Q: One of the review criteria is in reference to competency of team, but no CV’s or cover letters are requested. How will competency be met?

A: Team qualifications will be addressed in the project template.

Q: Are the priorities in the guidance document listed in order of importance?

A: No, the priorities are not listed in a specific order. 

Q: Where can reference documents be found on the website?  

A: All reference documents are available on the NERACOOS website, www.neracoos.org/grants.

Q: How will word be spread of this open process?

A: Through the SPI (Strategic Planning and Implementation) team, NERACOOS News, word of mouth and the NERACOOS website.

Q: How long should each template be?

A: Each template should be 2-3 pages.

How detailed should the budget be?

A: The budget should be an estimate, a tiered funding budget can also be included. 

Q: Who should be contacted for any questions? 

A: All questions should be directed to Cassie Stymiest (cassie@neracoos.org) or Ru Morrison (ru@neracoos.org). 

Q: How are conflict of interest being handled?

A: Proposers will not be allowed to participate in the review or ranking of their proposal, however, the remaining details are still being worked out.

Q: When would these funds be made available?

A: Funds would be made available June 1, 2016.